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Recognizing the opportunity to assist with the critical effort of curbing “cramming” (the unauthorized addition of charges to a consumer’s telephone bill) and protecting consumers, telecommunications billing clearinghouses formed the Coalition to Ensure Responsible Billing (CERB). CERB’s members are Billing Concepts (dba USBI, Zero Plus Dialing, Inc. (ZPDI) and its affiliate Enhanced Services Billing, Inc. (ESBI)), ACI Billing Services, Inc. dba OAN Services, HBS,ILD Telecommunications, Inc. & Integretel, Inc. (including its affiliate: eBillit). The Coalition has created mandatory Anti-Cramming Consumer Protection Standards of Practice. The Standards outline stringent, pro-consumer policies for helping to ensure that only legitimate charges appear on consumers’ bills.

The billing clearinghouses that form CERB process charges to local telephone bills and represent a critical link in an increasingly competitive market for telecommunications and related products and services. While not promoting and/or selling services to consumers, billing clearinghouses consolidate the charges from a myriad of telecommunications and related service providers and contract with local phone companies for those charges to appear on customers’ monthly bills. Billing clearinghouses serve as data processing and accounting intermediaries allowing thousands of service providers to conduct business with thousands of telephone companies through a single relationship. This function helps to reduce operating costs fostering a competitive market for telecommunications and related products and services. With their commitment to CERB, participating clearinghouses also play a key role in helping to protect consumers from unauthorized charges and providing assistance for billing dispute resolution.